Call the Free Addiction Hotline and get help for for addiction and substance abuse.  Free Addiction Hotline offers drug rehab and treatment. We have admissions counselors standing by 24 hours a day to take your call and get in you into a treatment center that best fits your specific needs.


Addiction is a disease that affects nearly all aspects of a person’s life. If you are wondering about who to talk to about your addiction, you have already taken the first step of recognizing and admitting that you have a problem and need help. Free Addiction Hotline is hear to provide you with information and help in seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one. We have admissions counselors standing by 24 hours a day ready to take your call, email, or live chat and get you into a treatment center that fits your needs.

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We are highly accredited & dedicated to helping those suffering from the damaging effects of substance abuse.

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Treatment costs can vary but we are dedicated to helping you get the coverage you deserve.

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We have treatment centers across the U.S. and a wide referral network to get you the treatment that fits best.

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The Free Addiction Hotline is available 24 hours a day and can be contacted by phone, email, or chat to start the admission process.

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Will your health insurance cover drug rehab?



When patients receive integrated treatment, services for all conditions are treated including the addiction and associated mental illnesses. Integrated treatment has been shown to increase positive treatment outcomes in a wide variety of areas. Patients have lower rates of relapse (in both substance abuse and mental illness domains). They also have lower levels of hospitalizations, arrests, and incarcerations.


Drug and alcohol interventions are complicated and should not be attempted without the guidance of a professional interventionist. The purpose of an intervention is to get the user into rehab. Through steps such as setting boundaries, voicing hurt feelings and getting on the same page with others, the interventionist is setting the family up to succeed in their attempts to get the user to treatment.


Traveling for treatment increases the chances of a successful recovery. Learn How



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