Grief and Alcohol Addiction

Grief and Alcohol AddictionGrief can consume people if they do not manage it through counseling and support. Grief is not restricted to the passing of a loved one, but may also include the ending of a long-term relationship, a custody battle, the loss of a job, losing a cherished pet or other events that leave a significant void in someone’s life. This is where the connection between alcohol and loss is typically established.

As alcoholism starts to consume you, it may feel as though you are no longer connected to your grief. This may seem relieving, because grief can be so devastating that it renders peaceful living impossible. Prior to any grievous event, you may have enjoyed alcohol after a long day at work or while relaxing with friends at social events. The effects of alcohol can temporarily mask the grief that consumes you, but that means you no longer enjoy, but rather need the substance. Without professional counseling, alcoholism and grief will become the two defining factors in your life.

How Grief Leads to Alcoholism

The link between alcohol and grief can be fiercely forged if people avoid grief counseling. Consider grief as a deep wound that you cannot patch up with a Band-Aid. You wouldn’t consider heading to the medicine cabinet to heal a broken arm, but that is what alcoholics do when they drink to mask grief. Self-medicating is rarely advisable for physical harm, and it should not be considered an effective way to treat emotional and mental wounds.

The concern of using alcohol to mask grief is that eventually one or two drinks will not numb enough emotional pain. As your body becomes tolerant to alcohol, you will find it increasingly difficult to numb yourself with alcohol as you did before. Increased physical tolerance means you must increase the volume of alcohol that you consume to achieve the desired effect. In this way, alcoholism can quickly accelerate into a severe problem that impacts your ability to maintain a stable and happy life.

You could turn to alcohol in the early hours of day, which then means you cannot perform your duties at work, you may lose your job, your family’s security may be at risk and so on. With alcohol and loss steering your life, you may find yourself on a slippery slope from which there is no coming back. However, with professional help you can repair the damage from both problems; with counseling and rehab, you can address both alcoholism and grief. This will allow you to find the emotional and mental closure that you need.

Treatment for Alcoholism and Grief

With the right help, you can work through the alcoholism and grief that have consumed your life. You do not need to live under the control of alcoholism that is fueled by grief. We know of a great number of alcohol addiction treatment programs, and we can offer you excellent options for getting the treatment that you need. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to discuss concerns related to alcohol and loss. Our counselors can help you in any way you need, and they can ensure that your conversations are completely confidential. Get help today and reclaim your life.