We are passionate to reduce the affects addiction has on our lives. Treating only the addiction may provide some relief but treating both the core issue and the addiction makes the most difference in an addicts life and the loved ones around him or her. Here are some general articles on addiction. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you find the answers you need.

How Partying Can Affect Your Life

How Partying Can Affect Your Life Partying may seem like no big deal. It seems like a way to have some fun, blow off steam and pass the time, but the idea that partying is nothing serious is wrong. Addiction, prison, loss of relationships and [...]

Cost of Addiction Help

Costs for Treatment How Much Is Drug Addiction Treatment Worth? The cost of addiction help varies considerably and depends on such things as the type of facility, substances treated, therapies available and the length of [...]

Places Recovering Addicts Should Avoid

Addiction Hotline and Centers to Avoid One of the goals of treating any type of addiction is to remove the addict from the toxic environment supporting the addiction so they can learn to live an addiction-free lifestyle. This includes improving [...]

5 Reasons You Should Call Today

5 Reasons to Call a Free Addiction Hotline Putting your life back on track or finding the right direction is a major step for anyone living with addiction. There are many good reasons to put forth the effort to get clean and stay clean, some of which [...]
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