What Are Drunken Gummies?

What Are Drunken Gummies?Those who are not familiar with trends in drinking or alcohol consumption among young adults may not have heard of drunken gummies. Drunken gummies, also known as boozy bears, are an increasingly popular way that both young and old people are making alcohol more portable, more accessible and more tempting than before.

Drunken gummies are made when gummy candy, such as gummy bears, gummy worms or Swedish Fish, are soaked in alcohol for several hours until the alcohol is totally absorbed into the gummy candy. This results in a greatly swollen gummy candy that is usually two or three times the normal size.

Drunken gummies are often made with vodka, but a variation known as “rummies” includes rum. People have been known to soak fruit or other foods in alcohol and either eat them at room temperature or frozen, which is similar to creating drunken gummies.

While some people truly enjoy the taste of drunken gummies, they should be aware of how drunken gummies are being abused in schools and among young people in the United States.

Hidden Alcohol Dangers

Drunken gummies and other unusual methods of alcohol consumption can be a way to bring alcohol into public places in a less noticeable way. Drunken gummies are often snuck in to various places in bags or eaten in secret. While they may seem undetectable, they are very strong smelling and can lead to dangerous levels of intoxication much more quickly than drinking.

In fact, drunken gummies are one way that people engage in binge drinking. While they are not actually “drinking” at all, each drunken gummy can pack a serious punch. Because of the candy’s sweet flavor, users may not realize the amount of alcohol they are consuming. Drunken gummies can lead to alcohol poisoning, hospitalization, accidents and arrest just like drinking large amounts of liquor can.

People consume alcohol for a number of reasons. Drunken gummies may be a method to sample an adult beverage in a unique way, but it is always good to practice safety while drinking and remain aware of the signs of more serious alcohol problems.

Symptoms of an Alcohol Problem

Not every symptom of problem drinking is present when an alcoholism problem is at hand, but it is good to know a few warning flags of alcohol abuse. There are some signs of problem drinking that everyone should be aware of, including the following:

  • Guilt or shame surrounding drinking behavior
  • The act of hiding drinking behavior
  • Drunken moments that involve lapses in memory or blackout periods
  • People who care voicing concern about drinking
  • Ability to drink more than before (increased tolerance to alcohol)
  • Trouble or dangerous situations due to drinking
  • Drinking to relax or relieve anxiety

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, please consider calling our toll-free helpline. We offer information, resources and assistance to individuals and families who seek recovery support and wellness. We can help you learn more about alcohol addiction and family alcohol abuse and match you to a licensed, reputable treatment program of your choice. We even work with most popular insurance companies. Find out how we can help you today.