What Are Psychedelic Amphetamines?

What Are Psychedelic Amphetamines?Amphetamines are some of the most commonly abused drugs in the world, as they are present in many popular substances. These kinds of drugs stimulate the central nervous system, which generally leads to increased energy and a heightened sense of euphoria. The continual misuse of amphetamines can lead to the development of a substance abuse problem.

Psychedelic Amphetamines

Different kinds of amphetamines produce different effects, and there are some amphetamines that are known as “psychedelic amphetamines.” Psychedelic amphetamines produce all the same effects that regular amphetamines do, however they also cause effects such as auditory and visual hallucinations and delusional behavior. Some of the most popular psychedelic amphetamines and their side effects include the following:

  • Khat – Growing in popularity, Khat is a combination of leaves located in Africa that contain the chemicals cathine and cathinone, which produce psychedelic effects. Continually chewing on these leaves slowly releases these chemicals, which can cause issues such as manic behavior and psychosis, as they slowly penetrate into the brain and disrupt proper functioning and cognition.
  • Ecstasy – Ecstasy is known as one of the most popular psychedelic amphetamines in the world, as using this small, imprinted pill can produce serious mental side effects. These effects can not only include a major increase in energy levels, but also cause quick mood changes, time distortion, clouded perception, and visual hallucinations. The mental side effects can be highly dangerous, as they not only impair a user’s ability to remain in control, but cause hallucinations that feel so real that he might react in ways that can prove to be dangerous.
  • Bath salts – A mixture of amphetamines, bath salts is possibly one of the most controversial psychedelic amphetamines in the country, not only because it’s generally unknown, but also because of the side effects it produces. These effects include extreme paranoia, delusional behavior, feelings of invincibility, violence, and excessive hallucinations. In some cases, the psychedelic effects of bath salts have been linked to irrational behaviors such as suicide and murder in response to hallucinations.

Khat, ecstasy, and bath salts are among many of the most popular psychedelic amphetamines in the country. The use of these drugs is not only dangerous to a user’s physical health, but can also alter the way in which their brain works to a point where their reactions to the drug and its psychedelic effects can become dangerous and possibly even deadly.

How Treatment Can Help

Psychedelic amphetamines can become extremely addictive, especially as they infiltrate the brain in ways that alter its function. Withdrawing from drugs such as these can cause serve psychological distress, making professional treatment the best option. In treatment, these psychological woes will be addressed and cared for with the utmost respect. When withdrawal symptoms begin to cease, therapists can begin helping users understand why they used psychedelic drugs and teach them how to cope with their issues in ways that keep them from using these types of drugs again in the future.

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